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Teasers are parlays in which the bettors takes more points or lay fewer points than the line, thus adjusting the point spread in his favor. However, the bettor's payout odds are reduced when this is done. Teaser rules are as follows:

  • A teaser can only consist of point spreads and totals; the bettor cannot buy points.
  • The number of teams and the number of teaser points the bettor select determines his payout odds.
  • A tie or no action and a win on a 2-team teaser shall constitute a no action wager.
  • A tie or no action and a loss on a 2-team teaser shall constitute a losing wager.
  • A tie on a 3 or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest betting bracket. For example a tie on a three team teaser becomes a 2-team teaser.

Teaser Payoff Odds for Basketball and Football

2-team 10:11 10:12 10:13
3-team 18:10 16:10 14:10
4-team 30:10 25:10 20:10
5-team 45:10 40:10 35:10
6-team 60:10 55:10 50:10
7-team 10:1 9:1 8:1
8-team 15:1 12:1 10:1
9-team 20:1 15:1 12:1
10-team 25:1 20:1 15:1
11-team 35:1 25:1 20:1
12-team 50:1 35:1 25:1
13-team 75:1 50:1 35:1
14-team 100:1 75:1 50:1
15-team 150:1 100:1 75:1


  • 3-team, 10-point football teaser odds are 10/12 - ties lose.
  • 3-team, 7-point basketball teasers odds are 10/12 - ties lose.

The two teasers listed above can only be made on the point spread. Money lines and totals cannot be used.

For example, the bettor places a 3-team, 6-point football teaser. The chart above lists the odds as 16/10. The unadjusted line is Denver -7, New York -3 and Chicago +15.

The point spreads are adjusted as follows.

  • Denver -7 plus the adjusted six points = -1
  • New York -3 plus the adjusted six points = +3
  • Chicago +15 plus the adjusted six points = +21

If each and every one of the three teams wins against the adjusted spread, the bettor wins $16 for every $10 bet.

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