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European Prices

European Prices are similar to Money Lines. These are usually displayed in decimal format and use two formulas to calculate payouts.

European Prices above 1.0
(Wager Amount) x (European Price) = Total Payout

European Prices below 1.0
(Wager Amount) x (European Price) + Wager Amount = Total Payout

For example, the bettor bets $100 on Manchester City 2.40 to beat Arsenal 0.60. If Manchester City wins, he wins $240. His friend bets $100 on Arsenal. If Arsenal wins, his friend wins $160. The following table displays the results of four different winning European Price bets.

Winner Bet Amount European Price Payout
(+ bet amount)
Manchester City $20 2.40 $48
Manchester City $100 2.40 $240
Arsenal $20 0.60 $32
Arsenal $1000 0.60 $160


Here is the conversion formula for European Prices.

Use this formula if the Money Line has a minus sign "-".

European Price = (100 / (Money Line * -1)) + 1

Use this formula if the Money Line has a plus sign "+".

European Price = (Money Line / 100) + 1

The following table displays conversions of Money Lines to European Prices.

Money Line European Price Payout per $100 Bet (+ bet amt)
+140 2.40 $240
-200 -150 $150
+160 2.60 $260

Note: European Prices do not always convert evenly into Money Lines since Money Lines are based on whole numbers.

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